Our Vision

To guide and support through responsive relationships, in which opportunities are created to promote overall wellness – ensuring an individual’s positive self-worth and value.

Our Mission

To help individuals grow through purposeful guidance, responsive relationships, and positive learning opportunities.


This not-for-profit initiative not only underscores the shared vision of Wee College Inc. (our sister company) and the New Brunswick Government – but also reaffirms our shared commitment to enhancing the lives of families by offering accessible and exemplary childcare solutions.

As a result of the New Brunswick Canada Wide Agreement, and our commitment to fostering childcare spaces through not-for-profit learning centres, the birth of Wee Thrive Early Learning and Childcare marks a significant milestone in the province’s childcare landscape.



A Proven Model

Wee Thrive is built upon the well-established model, resources, and tools that have made Wee College Inc. a trusted name in the childcare sector.

Established Governance

Wee Thrive has robust bylaws, and has assembled a dynamic board of directors to ensure governance and operational excellence.

Department of Education Approval

After a successful submission to the provincial Call for Proposal in 2023, Wee Thrive has been granted the green light to establish childcare spaces specifically designed for children aged from birth to five years old. At present, we are actively involved in the licensing process, and the availability of these spaces is contingent upon receiving the final approval from the Department of Education and Childhood Development.

Wee Thrive operates under the New Brunswick
Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Childcare.