Our Programs

Wee Thrive Early Learning and Childcare Programs are designed to create a culture of belonging supporting a child’s potential to be happy, healthy, joyful, curious, and strong. To thrive is to adopt a can-do attitude, to see opportunities in every experience. Our tailored programs provide an inclusive backdrop to support a child’s natural curiosity and wonder – with the goal of igniting a passion that will follow them in their life’s journey as empowered and responsive learners.

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Wee Thrive Learning Programs

Infant Program

Age: Birth to 15 Months

Junior Toddler Program

Age: 15 Months – 23 Months

Senior Toddler Program

Age: 2 Years

Junior Preschool Program

Age: 3 Years

Senior Preschool Program

Age: 4 Years

All Wee Thrive Programs are in alignment in achieving the outcomes desired within the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Childcare.